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For one week this fall, you can prevent animal cruelty, improve your health, and protect the
environment by exploring a vegetarian diet with the help of Animal Protection and Rescue League.

We make it easy! You'll receive email updates with free nutritional information, delicious recipes, and motivational advice to help you succeed in your week long pledge.

When you successfully complete the Veg Pledge, you will automatically be eligible to win gift certificates to restaurants and other prizes! And don't forget to check out VegSanDiego.com to find the best veg options in San Diego!

These fine businesses are offering discounts during Veg Week for those who have taken the pledge:

Bring a friend any day of Veg Week and your friend will get 50% off any vegan entree!

15% discount on all vegan meals for the whole week

15% discount for the whole week on any vegan or veg options

10% discount for dinner purchases made after 5pm for the whole week.
10% discount on all products for the whole  week.

15% off on Monday 10/1 only.

APRL is grateful to the endorsers and sponsors of Veg Week:

3 weeks following VegWeek, join us on November 3rd for the San Diego Vegetarian Festival in Balboa Park.

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San Diego City Council honors Veg Week 2012

Presented by Animal Protection and Rescue League - www.APRL.org